this page a WORK IN PROGRESS. for now, some links:

alternative video entertainment

le cinema club - online cinema showcasing one piece of independent video art/ experimental film per week.
exptv - 24/7 stream of obscure media, video collage & ephemera.
murdercapital tv - 24/7 stream, cult horror & exploitation film.
cabin fever - a collaborative playlist of online experimental film & video. born out of the pandemic, categorized by mood and theme.
this light - film collective. the real draw here is the contagion archive, a google drive folder host to thousands of arthouse, cult classic, and documentary films.
rarefilmm - archive of various rare films from around the world.
class real shorts - small list of "mindfuck" short films.
vdrome -
womens voices now -
ubu -
national film board of canada -
mubi* -
kadist video library -
everything is terrible -
solidarity cinema archive -
cinema of the world -
public domain movies -
the eyeslicer -
cathodetv -
*subscription based

vhs cover archives

retro daze
monster brains

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