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i bulldozed both my old sites, yesterday, in order to make room for this shiny new one. i’m proud of it. xenophora is in part cannibalised from my private website (which will remain unnamed), on which i would post embarrassingly personal blog entries away from the prying eyes of those close to me. in its deletion i have made a trade-off: less intimacy for the ability to show off to my friends and loved ones.

i, of course, could transfer my old essays and such here too, but i won’t. many either do not paint me in the best of lights or are painfully identifying in a way i find uncomfortable making permanent on a public-facing website tied to the rest of my online presence. this is essentially a non-problem, because (in theory) any emotional distress (or euphoria) or otherwise internal impetus for writing any given post must have been excised with its writing and initial publication. but there’s this awful problem i have, where private journaling is simply no replacement for screaming into a theoretically discoverable void (even if, in reality, there is no-one on earth who has the time or interest to find it). it’s annoying, because i find public navel gazing in this way (and in this way) to be totally gauche and it makes me feel particularly narcy. not quite a catch-22 but we’re getting close.